For information about UK Visa policies and procedures,Visit The British High Commission Website

Note to Visa Applicants

1. The visa application process will currently take a minimum 2 to 5 working days depending on your Application... Please consult us for the latest processing times. However, this processing time is for straightforward applications only. You are, therefore, advised to submit your application as early as possible to avoid any unforeseen delay.
2. Upon assessment of your application, you may be required to submit more documents or to attend a personal interview. In such cases the processing time will be longer.
3. You must check the status of your visa application yourself. The UK Visa Application Centre will not be able to contact you personally. Your application status can be checked via the following means:
  • Online by using the "Track your visa application" option on our website You will need to input your Token No. & Passport No. The website is updated constantly
  • By calling our help line: (03) 21649323 & (03) 21688603 (Please quote your Token No. & Passport No.)
  • By e-mailing us at (Please quote your Token No. & Passport No.)
  • 4. The passport collection time is between 1630 and 1730 hrs. (Monday to Friday except Public holidays)